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What clients say about Hestad Law


Hestad Law has helped over 1000 individuals settle their insurance claims successfully. 
Here's what actual clients wrote about working with Hestad Law:

Hestad Law Office helped me win a generous and fair settlement for an injury I sustained in 2013. Attorney Sally Hestad carefully listened to my story and then took care of all the details. The legal work was stellar! My husband and I are very pleased with the outcome and recommend Attorney Sally Hestad for anyone requiring honest and competent legal representation after an injury. --Erin G.

You can trust Sally to take care of your concerns. You don't need to worry with Hestad Law. --Gary S.

My attorney listened to me, understood how I felt and returned my phone calls in a timely manner! --Yvonne M.

Sally understood my situation and explained the case issues well. She made the process easy and I felt very satisfied with the end results. --Tong Lee Y.

Sally is a very good person and a good attorney--she will do an excellent job for you and will treat you like family. --Carzel B.

I asked my medical providers to give me names of attorneys with whom they liked to work. Sally Hestad was on every provider's list. I called all the lawyers but met only with Sally. Sally worked as an insurance adjuster and this makes her knowledgeable and reasonable in her expectations for claims. I recommend Sally to any of my friends needing an attorney.
--Sharon D.C.

Listening and compassion are the two things that stand out about my experience with Sally.
--Kisha L.

Sally is understanding and effective and kept me informed about what was going on in my case.
--Leonie K.

Sally made the whole experience much easier and did much better than I would have done on my own.
- Zach B.

My case was flawlessly handled! I'd recommend Hestad Law in a second!
- Mike M.

I have always felt that I was speaking to a person who deeply cares about me and my circumstances. She is, in my opinion, very ethical and humane as well as knowledgeable in her area of expertise.
- Akbar A.

I felt comfortable at all times: Sally would explain gray areas to me. You can trust Sally--she will work with/for you.
- Linda B.

Sally knows what she is doing regarding insurance companies. We felt confident in Sally's abilities and were happy with the settlement.
- John M.

Sally made the whole bad experience a lot easier to deal with. She was so helpful and always thinking of our best interest. We would recommend her to any of our friends.
- Donna and John L.

{Hestad Law Office} handled everything with the insurance company so I didn't have to worry about it. Kept me updated, very nice to work with...Sally was wonderful in "untying" the insurance knot between our insurance company, the other driver's insurance company and our workers compensation company. She took the burden off me...
- Camryn I.

Sally did a terrific job in securing a policy limit settlement for my injury. Hestad Law gets results!
- Ray M.

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