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Were you hurt in a Wisconsin auto accident?

Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney Sally A. Hestad settles injury insurance claims for her clients. These claims include whiplash, neck, back and shoulder injuries, broken bones, and head injuries. The injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, falls and dog bites.  As a former claims adjuster, Sally knows the system and has successfully settled over 1000 injury claims.

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Attorney Sally's Claim Tip #2
Write down your memories of the accident.
--Keep track of what happens during and after your accident in a notebook.
--Write a paragraph or two about what you saw and heard before, during and after the accident. Describe the damages to the vehicles.
--Note anything the drivers said at the scene, such as:  “I am sorry, I just didn’t see you because of ice on my windshield.”
“I dropped my cell phone and bent down for a second to pick it up and then I couldn’t stop in time.”
“This accident is totally my fault.”
“I turned to look at my kids for a second and when I looked forward, I couldn't stop in time.”
What was said after a crash can help Hestad Law in discussions with the insurance company about who was at fault for the accident.

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