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Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney Sally A. Hestad will represent and help you if you are injured in an accident.


Attorney Sally A. Hestad is qualified to represent you in your car accident injury claim because she is:

        • An experienced attorney who has settled over 1200 claims;
        • A former auto insurance claim adjuster;
        • Compassionate, friendly and understanding;
• A dedicated professional whose priority is to help you.

Attorney Sally A. Hestad understands what injured clients are going through after their injury and she uses her experience as a former claims adjuster  to  obtain the most favorable insurance settlements.  

Since 1993, Hestad Law Office has served injured folks in Madison, Dane County and surrounding counties in Wisconsin.   Our attractive office is small and friendly.  Our clients include men, women and children of all ages.  We welcome clients from all racial and ethnic groups and we provide legal services in English, Spanish, French, Swedish and Portuguese.

Hestad Law Office Staff:  Our receptionist, legal assistants, law clerks, full and parttime attorneys are genuinely friendly, helpful and professional.  They are always interested in answering your questions. 

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